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Max The family movie "Max" has an agenda, but then most family movies do. Your mileage may vary, but "Max" proudly wraps itself in the flag and, by association, links all-American patriotism with military righteousness, religious faith and socially conse...... Read the full review

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"Hillview Fights Cancer!"
Hillview Middle Schoolers make pledges at a Relay for Life event for the American Cancer Society. Funds support research for cancer prevention, treatment, and cures. The students have raised over $24,000! Submitted by Ashley Carlisle on May 16, 2015

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Rodeo, festivals celebrate Fourth
There should be no problem finding a way to celebrate the Fourth of July in local communities. Monday, 4:37 PM

Pear Theatre announces new home
After months of building anticipation and community speculation, Mountain View's Pear Avenue Theatre has announced the location of its new home. Wednesday, 7:50 AM

Honey on the hands
Beekeeper Kendal Sager is passionate about bee education, and has begun teaching workshops to encourage others to take up the hobby. Wednesday, 12:22 PM

Woodside: Filoli holds sculpture exhibit


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