Viewpoint - July 11, 2012

Letter: Location of new library a matter of trust

This issue has now become an issue of trust. The circulation of the citizens' petition, which has garnered more than 200 signatures in less than a week, was clearly the motivating factor in last Friday's special meeting and council's decision to submit the location of the new library to a vote of the citizens.

If the council presents the library issue on the ballot in a fair and balanced manner then the council will have earned the trust that it needs to properly govern. However, if the council does not present the issue on the ballot in a fair and balanced manner then the citizens will have the opportunity at the same November election to dismiss any council member who is seeking reelection and who supported an unbalanced library ballot measure.

The beauty of this all is that for the first time in Atherton's history the citizens have clearly spoken out on an issue by use of the citizens' petition process and they have been heard.

Peter Carpenter, Larch Drive, Atherton


Posted by Brown Act, a resident of Atherton: other
on Jul 11, 2012 at 11:08 am

Did the special meeting violate the Brown Act? Widmer and McKeithen co-wrote the letter in the staff report calling for a vote for the meeting.

How did they inform Dobbie they were calling a special meeting to change their vote to yes on a town wide vote? If three council memebers discuss an item on an agenda, prior to the council meeting; that is a Brown Act violation.