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Conflict of Interest by SHD Directors Faro, Kane and Griffin

Original post made by Jack Hickey, Woodside: Emerald Hills, on Jan 2, 2014

Sequoia Healthcare District Directors Faro and Kane also sit on the Sequoia Hospital Board of Directors. Arthur Faro is President and Board Chair. Kim Griffin's husband, Dr. Michael Griffin, is affiliated with Sequoia Hospital.

Sequoia Hospital, created when voters in 1946 established the Sequoia Hospital District, was sold to Catholic Healthcare West(now Dignity Health) in December, 2007.

As members of the Sequoia Hospital Board of Directors, Kane and Faro are expected to act in the best interest of Sequoia Hospital. As for Griffin's
conflict of interest, one need only look to the forced resignation of Dr. Edward Katz from the Sequoia Healthcare District Board of Directors. Supposedly, this was for a conflict of interest stemming from his affiliation with Sequoia Hospital.See: Web Link

All three Directors should avoid participating in action items involving funding which benefits Sequoia Hospital.
See:Web Link

These three Directors continue to vote, as members of the Sequoia Healthcare District Board of Directors, on expenditures which directly benefit Sequoia Hospital.

These three Directors also voted for increased health insurance benefits which the District mistakenly applied to "sitting" directors. They alone, each personally received benefits of $1,800 from that mistake. They have ignored my "open letter"Web Link asking that they return the $1,800. I have since asked for their resignation.Web Link


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