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Men in Black: International
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Men in Black: International Let's be honest: Film critics see too many movies, so when they start throwing around words like "wearying" and "tiresome," take them with a grain of salt. Now to business: the sci-fi sequel "Men in Black: International" is wearying. It's tiresome. ...... Read the full review

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A&E Features

Birds in the spotlight in 'Learning to Fly' exhibit
Atherton photographer Larry Calof is showing works featuring images of owls and other birds at the Portola Art Gallery, located in the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. An artist reception is scheduled for Saturday, June 15. Friday, 3:51 PM

TheatreWorks' 'Archduke' satirizes the assassination that set off World War I
Rajiv Joseph's dark comedy about Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassin, 19-year-old Bosnian Serb Gavrilo Princip, draw parallels between century-ago conspirators and modern-day terrorists. Thursday, 4:53 PM

Better barbecue
Quality barbecue is notoriously hard to find in the Bay Area. John Capelo is working to change that, one slow-smoked piece of meat at a time. Monday, 1:48 PM

'The Cubberley Project' represents a variety of organizations
"The Cubberley Project," a temporary audio-visual installation by the Cubberley Artist Studio Program's Martha Sakellariou and writer Jennifer Lee, is currently on display at Cubberley Community Center. Thursday, 4:48 PM

Laughs plentiful in Pear Theatre's 'Present Laughter'
Laughs are available by the bushelful in the Pear Theatre production of Noël Coward's "Present Laughter," a frantic farce written and set in 1939 and based fairly strongly on Coward's own life. Thursday, 4:52 PM

Meh in 'Black'
With Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones retired, the latest attempt to resuscitate the "Men in Black" franchise just seems wearying and tiresome. Thursday, 4:48 PM

Video: TheatreWorks Silicon Valley accepts Tony Award
Theatreworks Silicon Valley Founding Artistic Director Robert Kelley, Executive Director Phil Santora and Board Chair Judy Heyboer were in New York to accept the Regional Theatre Tony Award on June 9. Thursday, 5:30 PM

Theater companies keep the Redwood City arts scene lively this June
While a decade or so ago the sign in downtown Redwood City proclaiming "Theatre District" may have seemed a stretch, these days, Broadway Street is hopping with patrons of the Century 20 cinema and real live theater. Thursday, 5:13 PM

Food trumps hate
Feeling unnerved by increasing anti-immigrant rhetoric in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Danielle Tsi started a local supperclub series to celebrate diversity and unity through food. Thursday, 4:27 PM | 10 comments

What's in Leonardo's library?
"Leonardo's Library: The World of a Renaissance Reader" consists of displays of books (drawn from the university's rare book and map collections) known to have been owned by the artist, as well as examples of other writings. Thursday, 3:06 PM

The thrilla that's 'Godzilla'
The new American film "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" honors a tradition that has won over millions of Japanese "kaiju" (giant monster movie) fans for the past 60 years. Thursday, 4:29 PM

'Monster' producer
Working with a 393-foot-tall reptilian monster named Godzilla is serious business, as in hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars serious. Thursday, 4:33 PM

A Palo Altan's quest to recreate Leonardo's horse-head lyre
While Stanford University is marking the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death with a series of lectures and exhibitions, Palo Altan Jane Moorman celebrates the visionary artist's innovative spirit in a hands-on way: Thursday, 3:07 PM

Genre distinction
An editor and an author find themselves in over their heads as they cope with a middle-age crisis, in the amusing new comedy "Non-Fiction." Thursday, 3:02 PM

Boba cafe headed to Menlo Park
Mr. Green Bubble, a Bay Area boba cafe, is opening this summer in downtown Menlo Park. Thursday, 3:34 PM

Los Altos Stage Company tackles mental-illness musical
"Next to Normal" won three Tony Awards in 2009, and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2010. Los Altos Stage Company has installed it in the Bus Barn Theatre through June 22. Thursday, 3:08 PM

Katharina Fritsch's eye-catching sculptures come to Cantor's courtyard
An enormous purple egg; a gigantic, yellow human skull; a large white snake; and life-size depictions of St. Catherine and St. Nicholas in deep red and bright green, respectively, are visiting the courtyard of the Cantor Arts Center. Thursday, 3:29 PM

Stanford Theatre celebrates Jimmy Stewart
The annual festival will showcase 21 of the versatile Hollywood actor's films over the next five weeks. Thursday, 3:32 PM

Stanford looks forward to a Frost-y summer
Tucked away in the northeast end of the Stanford University campus and sequestered behind construction fencing for the past several years, the 82-year-old Frost Amphitheater is reopening on May 18, with the 2019 Frost Music & Arts Fest Friday, 2:36 PM

The thriving spirit of food technology


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