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Incredibles 2
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Incredibles 2 The long-awaited sequel “Incredibles 2" fails to reach the heights Pixar's best but remains impressive all the same. It has the hype, cinematic and CGI-animated craft, top vocal talent, and narrative competence. It's just that -- as written a...... Read the full review

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A&E Features

Laughs served at 'Dinner'
The laughter that rolled like a wave across Palo Alto last Saturday night was from "The Man Who Came to Dinner," a 1939 comedy by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart that opened at the Lucie Stern Theatre. Thursday, 5:33 PM

A whole new 'World'
Forty-three years after the launch of his blockbuster shark flick, Steven Spielberg's now-patented Spielbergian thrill ride is still all about the jaws. In the latest chapter of his dinosaur-themed franchise, director J.A. Bayona skillfully clones Spielberg through well-choreographed action and witty visual touches. Now if only he had a script worthy of his talents ... Thursday, 4:21 PM

iSing wins international contest
Palo Alto's iSing Silicon Valley girls choir has won the grand prize at the eighth International Robert Schumann Choral Competition. Monday, 7:26 AM

A guide to summer jazz
Summertime is golden for live jazz on the Peninsula. Thursday, 2:07 PM

Getting it down on paper
The Anderson Collection is featuring "Salon Style: Collected Marks on Paper," which features drawings, collages and paintings. Thursday, 5:18 PM

The family that saves together…
The long-awaited sequel "Incredibles 2" fails to reach the heights Pixar's best but remains impressive all the same. It's another big-scale adventure with full-throttle action sequences, a bit of mystery, and career complications testing the structural integrity of this nuclear family of superheroes. Thursday, 4:32 PM

Un-American activities
Joe Gilford's "Finks" is a slightly fictionalized story of what his parents (comics and activists Jack Gilford and Madeline Lee Gilford) experienced during the Hollywood blacklistings of the 1950s. Thursday, 2:06 PM

They've got magic to do
If you're looking for an odd, funny, rather magical way to spend an evening, head to the Bus Barn Theater and catch Los Altos Stage Company's production of the musical "Pippin." Thursday, 2:23 PM

Cue the cool jazz
As the title suggests, "Ocean" is a spin off -- and also a sequel to -- Steven Soderbergh's 2000s trio of heist films: "Ocean's Eleven," "Ocean's Twelve" and "Ocean's Thirteen." But this time, the women are the masterminds. Thursday, 3:44 PM