Readers' Choice 2016

Drawing up the winners...
Almanac readers name their favorite restaurants, shops, services and places to have fun

Many Almanac readers have had long relationships with local restaurants, shops and service providers. These readers have voted for these businesses year after year in the Almanac's annual Readers' Choice Awards poll. Other Readers' Choice winners are newer businesses and more recent discoveries of our readers. Whether the winners have provided exemplary service for a short or extended period, they share in receiving this special recognition.

The Readers' Choice poll is all about letting readers express their opinions about the places they like, and in some cases, love, in our area. Balloting is open for six weeks and is exclusively online. Each ballot must contain votes for at least five businesses in five categories. Voters confirm their selections by clicking on a link in an email we send after a ballot is submitted.

We encourage businesses to actively campaign with their loyal customers to get votes, and many do. But we prohibit multiple votes from the same person, email address or IP address. We have multiple ways of discovering cheating or ballot-stuffing, and each year we disqualify ballots that we determine came from illegitimate email addresses.

This year more than 18,000 votes were cast.

We allow a business in a neighboring city to win if it receives the most votes, which occasionally occurs. We populate the initial ballot with obvious businesses and those that did well in the voting the previous year.

Watch for our 2017 contest next April.


Readers’ Choice 2016 contributors

Writers: Kate Bradshaw, Jackie Gerson, Barbara Wood, Dave Boyce, Jennifer Hine