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By Cheryl Bac

Why My Toddler Has the Bedtime of a Teenager

Uploaded: Oct 21, 2013

Not only is my son unusually unscheduled, but he also has an unusually late bedtime...10-11PM. Why? Because we believe that it is extremely important for my son to have ample quality time with his father. With a late bedtime, we can eat dinner together and have extra time to play, laugh, and read. Then, my son sleeps in while my husband goes to work in the morning. In other words, my son's day is shifted so he sleeps a few hours more while my husband works and he is awake a few hours more while my husband is home.

Although some men are stay-at-home dads, teachers and nannies, my son spends the majority of his day with women. I believe that both sons and daughters need quality time with male role models, especially, when possible, their own fathers. I'm curious how other parents handle this dilemma. Most of the toddlers I know have bedtimes closer to 7:30, leaving little time between coming home from work and bedtime (even with the traditional 9-5 job).

I know that our family's solution will only work until school starts. After that, my son will not have the luxury of being able to sleep in until, 9,10 or even 11AM. It sounds like either my son and husband must wake up early to spend time together before school or we'll have to pack most of their quality time into bedtime routines, holidays, and weekends.

How does your family carve out quality family time?