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By Paul Bendix

Stop Menlo Harbor Project

Uploaded: Apr 1, 2014

The 'Menlo Harbor' development plan currently being floated (forgive the pun) by a major investment group simply isn't right for this area. Unfortunately, there's already a lot of momentum behind the project which would dramatically deepen and widen San Francisquito Creek to accommodate oceangoing ships. The plan calls for excavating a 'Menlo Harbor' deep water port well inland from the bay, actually near Sand Hill Road and El Camino.

While the affluence of the mid-Peninsula may attract investors to the development, local residents are bound to oppose it. There's no reason why maritime shipping needs to dock near Stanford Shopping Center. The flashy stores, restaurants and hotels around the proposed Menlo Harbor area should be built elsewhere. The bayfront is a logical location for such a massive project, and with environmental mitigation, it could well work.

The Dubai group behind Menlo Harbor also assigns far too much of infrastructure costs to local taxpayers. The worst example is the El Camino bridge, a mammoth structure high enough for the superstructures of passing ships. The site may actually require a drawbridge, and the cost is unthinkable. As for traffic, the impact is obvious and predictable – bumper-to-bumper tieups along El Camino.

Keep alert for news of this development. And definitely plan to oppose it.