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By Paul Bendix

A Street Fair by Any Other Name

Uploaded: Jul 17, 2014

It's reliably enjoyable, not to mention multifaceted and diverse...Menlo Park's public event of the year, the Connoisseur's Marketplace. And it's happening this Saturday and Sunday, 19-20 July.

Actually, it is all positive, this July weekend that annually draws several thousand people to Menlo Park's otherwise sleepy downtown. The outdoor festival showcases regional artisans and displays their work to highly entertaining effect. It's even a chance to hear good music, get your face painted and meet members of the Menlo Park Police. Incredibly, the whole affair is well organized and well run. So what could possibly be wrong?

The name. Can't we find another? I would say that almost everyone flocks to the Connoisseur's Marketplace...except connoisseurs. The street fair is much more than a marketplace. And there's nothing in the name that gives credit to our fair city, Menlo Park.

Isn't there a better name for this, our largest civic gathering? I am most think that the subtitle, "Menlo Park's Mid-Summer Festival of the Arts," would serve us better.

What do you think?