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By Laura Stec

There's Nothing Polite About This Game

Uploaded: Dec 26, 2014

So you've had your fill of shopping and wrapping, cooking and eating, and now all that's left is to sit around and argue with the family? Turn that holiday spirit into something a bit more long lasting ? beat them in a game of Spoons instead. Put those culinary tools into unique service. Food Party! in a whole new way.

Spoons is similar to Musical Chairs, but played with a deck of cards and spoons (consider using ones you don't value). One less spoon than participants. Players are dealt 4 cards - the goal is to get four-of-a-kind. Cards are passed around the table quickly. Each time you pick one up, you discard another. Whoever gets four of a kind first grabs for a spoon. The player left empty-handed gets a letter. My family spells out PIG, so if you miss the spoon three times, you are out. Winner is the last one standing.

Sounds simple? Yes. Gentile? FAR FROM IT. Spoons is a fast moving, only-the-strong-survive game. Players might use a sneaky-quiet technique to reach for the spoon, but most grab fast and forceful. Some choose an all out assault, shoving spoons down the table to watch their competition fly out of seats and fight it out on the floor. You should remove anything breakable from around the playing area. Nothing is safe during Spoons.

My family holds an annual Spoons game each holiday. The winner now gets their name "engraved" on the Golden Spoon trophy my nephews made a few years ago, and bragging rights for an entire year. It feels great to be Family Champ. I may not agree with your politics, but who cares, I beat you in Spoons? sucker.

This year resulted in my 20-something nephew and yours truly in the final two. He won ? that brat.

So it's back to using spoons for more mundane things like soup and ice cream.

At least until next year when I will rise again to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee?.

Click here to see a video of how Spoons is played (and in my case this round - lost ☹)

A few quotes from this year's play:

Son: "Better to get Dad out before he breaks something."
Dad: "Like your face."

"Emotions make you weak in Spoons."

"Can I have a band-aid? I don't want to get blood all over the cards."