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By Cheryl Bac

Stolen Baby Books

Uploaded: Jan 31, 2015

Like many parents, I'm putting together baby books for our children. These albums contain many keepsakes such as their newborn footprints, birth announcements and locks of hair. I also take monthly photos of them with the same blanket, stuffed animal, etc. Taking these photos has been a great reminder to step back and actually think about all that they have accomplished over the past month and how their skills and interests are evolving over time.

I enjoyed this monthly activity so much that I continued the tradition into our son's toddlerhood by taking his pictures every month at the same park.

Most of the time when we go to park, we meet up with friends. But his monthly photos gave us an excuse to venture to the park on our own. On these special outings, all of my attention was on him and the camera. These photos are not my favorite ones from his toddlerhood days, but the tradition was one I definitely treasure. It was a time for me to reflect on the past month and all that we had done together. It would be heartbreaking if these photos were ever lost or stolen.

About a week ago I heard about a woman who not only had her car stolen from her but also her children's baby books. The books were in the back of her car because she worked on them while her children took naps in their car seats.

When you hear her interview, it is clear that losing her baby books was devastating. Some of the mementos are irreplaceable, such as hospital bracelets and newborn footprints. As a fellow mother and scrapbooker, my heart goes out to her. I know how much time and energy can go into creating these keepsakes. And how sentimental they are.

As she addresses in her interview, her story is a tough reminder to us parents that keepsakes are things and that cherishing our children and our quality time with them is what's most important.

We will definitely keep this family in our thoughts and hope that their vehicle and baby books are returned.