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By Laura Stec

A Woman's Place is in the Kitchen, and in Lingerie

Uploaded: Jun 4, 2015

It's a step forward for all of us to see and accept Caitlin Jenner. Over 10 years ago, a friend's son-in-law made the switch from man to woman and I have to say I was shocked. Now, it seems?. well, empowering.

But why oh why did this new woman have to come out on the cover of a magazine posed in a Playboy Bunny suit? She waited all his life to say being a woman means, yet again, another stereotypical portrayal? My first show as a woman out to the world is me... in lingerie?

I haven't seen the Vanity Fair spread. Are there any pictures of her looking athletic? All I see online is a woman in long gowns and lots of makeup.

But Laura, you must remember, age and looks are what matters for the ladies. It's what we consider first when we talk about them.

So you go girl! Welcome to being a woman in the great US of A, and thanks for reinforcing the stereotype.

Time for me to get back to the kitchen, where I belong.