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By Steve Levy

Do you support more housing choices for older residents

Uploaded: Oct 17, 2015

Thank you all for participating in the last blog. At this point we have 133 comments and over 5,000 views.

My next question is "Do you want to provide more choices for older residents to continue living in Palo Alto as they age?.

I do.

And so do the large number of speakers at the council meeting who were older residents or spoke about their needs.

I am not an expert in this area, just one of Palo Alto's older residents so I hope people more knowledgeable than I can fill in some of the choices.

Nancy and I are one group of older residents—those who want to downsize and stay in Palo Alto. In our case in a more services, shopping and dining accessible area. So we sold our house (we could have rented it) and moved downtown to a condo. I am sure there are others like us and the number will grow as Palo Altans age.

In 2013 about 17% of residents were over 65 and they will all be 80 or older in 2030. Plus more will join the ranks of 65+.

Not all older residents will want to change their existing living arrangements but some will out of choice or necessity.

What are some options?

One is more places like where Nancy and I live close to services, shopping, dining and the like.

Another is more places like Channing House where active older residents can get a good location, some services and a broader community.

Probably there will be growing demand for places with higher levels of assistance.
And some older residents will choose to move.

Council will soon consider supporting more accessory dwelling units that could allow caregivers or elderly parents to live there. And there is discussion of shuttle options that could serve older residents.

My goal and I hope the council's goal is to acknowledge the aging of our population, consult with experts and residents, and develop choices for residents who want to remain in the community near family and friends, but not remain in their existing single family home.

How would you answer my question?