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By Laura Stec

Squirrel vs. Pumpkin

Uploaded: Nov 6, 2015

Everybody deserves to eat, but what’s with the squirrels lately? I’ve been putting decorative pumpkins around house for years with no competition from neighbors. But this season something very different is happening – the squirrels keep attacking the pumpkins. It starts with an innocent nibble and proceeds to a total evisceration of the orange orb.

They’ve demolished 3 pumpkins around the house, and now I am seeing others around the hood suffering from the same cruel demise. I brought the remaining three survivors inside.

Hey, I don’t want to deprive anyone of a decent meal – you are more than welcome to feast AFTER Thanksgiving. But not before! Don’t mess with the decorations guys.

I wonder if this unneighborly behavior might be due to the drought? The trees don’t have enough birr to produce juicy seeds, forcing the squirrels to look for take out.

So it’s odd – why this year, and not the rest?

Local Flavor
On a happier note, if you are looking for a fun event next weekend, try the Beer and Bacon Classic. That baneful bacon has certainly gotten a bad wrap lately, but every thing in moderation. This was one of the best parties I attended last year – creative bacon- inspired, awesomesauce tastes, and a lot of local craft brews and ciders. There’s also music, games, photo opps; all while you saunter through the classic Municipal Stadium in San Jose – a perfect venue for the event. THE event for all you brocavores.

Beer and Bacon Classic
Municipal Stadium – Home of the San Jose Giants
588 East Alma Ave, San Jose
Brunch session 10 - 4 PM
Evening session 7 – 10 PM