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By Laura Stec


Uploaded: Oct 13, 2017


I'll take you to burn


I'll take you to learn

I'll see you burn!!!

You fought hard and you saved and learned

But all of it's going to burn.

- Oct 13, 2017

So much smoke and fire around.

Eyes watering. Head pounding.
Is that from smoke, stress or tears?

Look out on the horizon and all of a sudden it’s Beijing or LA in the distance, not Portola Valley.

“Worst Air Pollution Ever.”

So thanks must go to fighters for Northern CA clean water and air. Now we’ve inhaled what happens if no one cares.

Then whiffs of EPA Scott Pruitt billow in. Cough, cough, cough. I hate hearing his next evil-mental action. What is it this time? EPA repeals the Clean Power Plan. I choke at his disregard for that which gives us life and energy.

But maybe that was a smoke choke?

I can’t keep up with the pollution.


I’m feeling so unsettled lately.

Non-centered. Discontent.

About a lot of things.

I’m naturally regurgitating “shut up” at Hannity, choking on his wrighteousness. “All liberals hate patriotism.” Cough cough cough cough. It’s sickening. Smoke lapping at my car window doesn’t help the nausea.


Don’t agonize Laura. Organize.

Rise up and help your neighbor as so many have done already.

Here’s two food places for instance...

North Bay Fire Recovery Fund
A collaborative effort by Farmers Guild, CAFF (Community Alliance with Family Farmers) and San Francisco North Bay organizations, channeling resources to help families, small farms and farm workers recover.

The Farmer's Wife Recovery Fund
Kendra and Paul Kolling of The Farmer’s Wife and Nana Mae’s Organics, and their three children lost their home in the fires, after quickly evacuating at 12:15 am on Monday, October 9th. The family’s recovery fund is here, If you are in the City Oct. 14th, please support their stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

And if you read this far down - we will also be there Saturday, October 14th. The Food Party! teaches EZ Seasoning with a Cambodian Twist at CUESA. 10:15 AM – 11 AM. Be there and be aware!

- photo by Christine Krieg