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By Diana Diamond

Super Bowl LIV viewers: Am I a prude?

Uploaded: Feb 3, 2020

You can call me a prude, or out-of-fashion, but I was appalled at the half-time show at yesterday’s (Feb. 2) Super Bowl LIV half-time show.

And those 89 commercials weren’t really funny either, at a $5.6 million pop for 30-seconds of airtime. The nice part was a collection of ads focusing on togetherness – a sunny portrait of our country.

And BTW, the game itself, from a San Francisco perspective, was a loser – it never seemed to really come together with force and zest.

Now maybe if I were 15 or 25 or even 35 I might have liked the half-time show of legs, curves and constant pelvic movements that J Lo demonstrated during her chaotic and energetic dance. But her continuous hand thrusts toward her private part were crude from the start, and the thrusts continued throughout her exhaustive dance. That athletic agility was further displayed as she went up and down a pole, like those poles in strip joints.

It was only back in 2004 that Janet Jackson’s wardrobe mishap was the embarrassing item of the day. The top of her dress was torn in an awkward spot.

That wouldn’t have deserved a mention today.

Because in this 2020 performance, sex was the focus. And here’s where the parent-prude in me comes out.

What are we teaching our teenagers if this half-time show says it’s okay for this genital highlighting at the biggest sporting event of the year? What message do our young teen girls around the country get from watching this? And what does it tell our young men about women – that they are merely sex objects?

Are people enjoying this?

I know a lot in our area were watching because the grocery stores were jammed that morning with game fare buyers, and the streets were silent after 3 pm. Yes, many Palo
Altans were glued to their sets.

If you care to comment, and I hope you do, could you include your age range (e.g., 30s, 40s. 60s) in your response so it may help all of us determine if this is an age problem or a new American decency problem – or simply my problem.