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By Laura Stec

Free Pizza and Recipes!

Uploaded: Feb 6, 2020


I had a few folks contact me this week about recipes from last weeks post about plant-forward eating. Here’s one I taught just today at Santa Clara Valley Water District, for Clean Protein, part of our Healthy Delicious Eating series. As we talked about last week in What’s the Hottest Eating Trend?, future munching has something for everyone. While it's better for people, planet and animals if you reduce, meat consumption, you don't have to give it all up, at least not yet. :) Begin with a blend. Start replacing part of your ground meat with vegetables, grains, beans….. offering better health, but with flavors meat eaters love.

Try replacing up to 1/3 of the meat in your burger with ground mushrooms and don’t say anything to the people you are feeding. Many people won't detect it.'s our little secret.

Blended Burger

2/3 pound grass-fed ground beef
1/3 pound mushrooms (I like shiitake)*
1 teaspoon kosher salt

Grind mushrooms up in a food processor until minced. Add to beef with salt, mix, make patties and cook as you choose.

*If you want additional flavor, roast them first. To roast, toss the mushrooms and a couple tablespoons in olive or other vegetable oil and roast for 10 – 15 minutes until tender at 350F. Let cool before processing.

photo by LSIC


All prompt Food Partiers! can get free pizza Friday / i.e. tomorrow. Lunch awaits at hometown favorite, Pizza My Heart. They are giving away samples of a new plant-based vegan cheese pie. And a quality cheese company to boot - wine country's daughter Miyoko. How exciting!

I told ya the plants they are a' comin.

Here’s the details:

Pizza My Heart is giving away 200 free plant-based pizza slices at each restaurant during these times:

Friday, February 7th from 12pm - 2pm at the Palo Alto restaurant (220 University Ave)

Saturday, February 8th from 6pm - 8pm at the Monterey restaurant (660 Del Monte Center)

photo by Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart launches new plant-based pizza options exclusively at their restaurants in Palo Alto, CA and Monterey, CA. The cheeses are made with a new cultured vegan mozzarella from leading plant-based cheese and butter brand Miyoko's Creamery. This game-changing new mozzarella-style cheese tastes and performs like its cow dairy analog, and this is the first time it's available to the public.