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By Cheryl Bac

Goodbye toy stores

Uploaded: Feb 19, 2020

Over the weekend we were planning to take our kids to Talbots Toyland. Sadly we discovered that the store recently closed. We ended up saying goodbye to Ambassador Toys instead. It was sad to see the store almost empty. We are used to seeing Ambassador Toys packed with toys and little kids hanging out at the train table. We bought a handful of headbands and bracelets, but it was hard to say goodbye to a store that our kids enjoyed going to over the years.

Our kids love visiting toy stores and we feel very lucky that Cheeky Monkey is in Menlo Park. Going to a toy store/bookstore and dining out for lunch/dinner is a great family outing.

One of our favorite memories from Ambassador Toys was The Family Giving Tree. One year we went early enough to have a huge selection of wishes to choose from. Our kids each enjoyed looking through all of the wishes to find the perfect one to gift.

One of our favorite memories from Talbots Toyland was also around Christmas time. We enjoyed seeing Santa sitting right in the middle of the toy store. The line to visit Santa was short enough that kids could visit him multiple times and we took family photos. What a treat!

It was hard to say goodbye to two toy stores, but it reminded me how important it is take advantage of our free afternoons together as a family. I’m very thankful for all of the family memories we’ve had at these two toy stores over the past 7 years.