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By Diana Diamond

My angst about the disaster of these two debates

Uploaded: Feb 26, 2020

The more I watch the Democratic debates, the more a feeling of angst emerges. No longer are they reasoned and reasonable policy discussions – they have morphed into name-calling attacks and candidates challenging each other oftentimes on issues that have little, if any, importance on the state of our nation or the global concerns of most of us.

I write this now because we Californians will be voting March 3 in our presidential primary. Democrats will need to select from several squabbling candidates, and try to choose the best one – and the one whose chances for beating Trump are the greatest.

After watching the Nevada and South Carolina debates, my angst level rises high. Here was Elizabeth Warren, a bright woman, attacking Michael Bloomberg in Nevada, a man with many achievements, on why he wouldn’t release some women from legal NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) they had signed.

Frankly, I don’t care whether Bloomberg releases some women from a legal contract. In this country with many big problems, this is not a concern for me.

Friends have said it’s really about women in the workplace and possible sexual harassment, but I say if so, then let’s talk publicly about that rather than NDAs.

Alas, Warren wouldn’t give up. In South Carolina, she again was after Bloomberg about NDAs. The former mayor had a good answer, but Warren still pursued him.

Back to Nevada: Warren attacked Bloomberg as to when he’s going to release his tax information. Good issue, but she wanted it “tomorrow” and he said it would take three weeks because he owns a lot of companies and heads many organizations. One of the candidates said she uses Turbo Tax and can complete her returns in two days. Huge misunderstanding gap about tax preparation billionaires go through, I submit.

The same discussion on insignificant issues came when Buttigieg criticized Klobuchar for not remembering the name of the Mexican president. Most of us don’t know the name of this new guy (Andres Obrador) but he’s easy to Google. Klobuchar sarcastically shot back, “I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete.” Ouch. What did that get either of them?

Unfortunately, lots of people I talked to afterward loved the debate, and the candidate slams and counter slams and the biting remarks. Great entertainment for them? I wonder. That’s not the way to select a candidate. And should they focus on mistakes these people made 10 or 20 years ago? I mean we all made mistakes years ago.

Sanders sat back through all of this in Nevada, but in South Carolina he was slammed by all. Another ouch. Buttigieg complained Sanders couldn’t possible beat Trump; others talked about his opposition to gun legislation on occasion, his single-payer health care plan with unsubstantiated costs.

Do candidates now feel they have to belittle opponents now because Trump set that example for four years [Crooked Hillary, Mini Mike (Bloomberg), Boot-Edge-Edge, Low Energy Jeb (Bush), Slimeball (also Slippery, Shady and Samctmonious) James Comey, Lyin’ Ted (Cruz), Al Frankenstein (Franken), Pocahontas (Warren), etc. etc.?

We are in the swamp – another swamp of nasty name-calling.

And the Tuesday South Carolina debate, in reflection was a disaster. Questions were swatted around in a slapdash manner, the six were struggling to get attention with sometimes two or three of them shouting at once, the questions were all over the place with no cohesion to the discussion. It was bad.

So that’s why I am writing this. As California voters, by this coming Tuesday, we have to get out of the verbal mire of these new kinds of debates and try to reason our way through to pick the best candidate.

I just want some kindness and decency during these critical times instead of name-calling and criticisms about trivial things. Unless the Dems start coming together instead of falling apart, they are going to lose the 2020 election.

The result of these two debates worries me, because, as a result, Democrats are providing Republicans, especially non-Trumpian ones, with little reason to vote for a Democrat. As one political commentator concluded, “Trump just won this debate."