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By Laura Stec

Wash Your Hands!

Uploaded: Mar 4, 2020

What a difference a week makes eh? But before you keep reading, please go wash your hands.

All of a sudden things are stopping. I was on my way to the Natural Food Expo in Los Angeles, an international trade show hosting 10's of 1000’s, larger than the Fancy Food Show that fills both wings of Moscone in San Francisco, but it just cancelled yesterday, and it starts today!

Word on the street is elbow bumping is the new hug or hand shake. Even still, we touch our faces 15 times an hour, which means what you just touched is going to make it up and onto your face or hair in the next four minutes unless you go wash right now.

NPR's health correspondent Allison Aubrey, had a cute piece about hand washing…

AUBREY: OK, I am going to sound like a preschool teacher here. The CDC says you want to lather up with soap. Then you want to lather the back of your hands, between your fingers, under your nails and then scrub.

SIMON: For how long?

AUBREY: Twenty seconds. And the CDC points out this is about how long it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice. But of course, if you find that annoying, you could expand the hand-washing playlist. Here's one suggestion...


Good Housekeeping (still in business – who knew?) goes all DIY on us with a natural hand sanitizer using only vodka, aloe vera gel, lavender and tea tree essential oils. But all we really need to do is pour the bottle of vodka on our hands if it's over 60% alcohol, right?

It’s no surprise that food in its many forms, plays a big part in transmitting things on us over onto others. For that reason and all the others please remember, we are all in this together.