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By Laura Stec

Coronavirus Food Safety Update + New! Insider Tips

Uploaded: Apr 2, 2020

We’ve all been following the current info about food safety during WWC. More articles, studies, and news bits are coming out about best practices, and the information is coming more into focus. They are starting to basically agree with each other, some more strict, others less. This is the best we've seen.

Last week we posted a fantastic piece by chef J. Kenji López-Alt called Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide. Please read it if you have not.

We also posted the video by a Michigan doctor about how to bring food into your kitchen during the pandemic.

A Food Partier! wrote in saying reports from other doctors debunk the above video which “takes food cleaning way beyond what most Americans currently do or are even willing to do.” I heard other similar feedback online. In response, a Washington Post article was posted by a Harvard School of Pubic Health professor, which offers a simpler approach.

My take on this is it depends who you are cooking for; only yourself, others (maybe at-risk), or the public. Each category deserves more strict food safety standards.

San Mateo County of Health recently sent residents this handout on Takeout & Delivery Food Safety

If we hear more clarification, or you do, post updates.

Insider Tip
Time for our new weekly segment Insider Tips, :) easy meal prep suggestions for a world stuck inside and needing inspiration in the kitchen, especially with food you bought cuz it was on the shelf - but now have no idea what to do with it.

Food Party! Insider Tip #1: What do I do with that block of tofu?

A: BBQ’ed Tofu

What you need: Tofu (extra firm) and that not-too-old BBQ sauce in the back of the fridge

How to: Slice tofu into 1” thick slabs

Lay tofu flat on a dish towel.

Wrap up, place a cutting board over tofu, and something heavy on top. Press 20 minutes to remove excess water.

Place tofu in a flat tupperware, cover with your favorite BBQ sauce.* Let sit overnight if you have the time.

Preheat and oil your grill. BBQ on medium, until charred on both sides. Don’t cook it too fast; you want the tofu to dry a little, and char a little, but not burn. Use a low, indirect heat and cover the grill while cooking. Cooking time will vary depending on your grill, but try to give it 8 - 15 minutes per side. If you give it the time it needs, the result will be a meaty, seasoned slab of yummy protein. Eat as is, add to stirfries, or along with pasta and tomato sauce.

* Add an umami-like depth, and jump on a new trend by adding a splash of bottled liquid smoke into the BBQ sauce before marinating the tofu

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