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By Dana Hendrickson

Downtown Menlo Park Continues to Get Better. Enjoy It!

Uploaded: Oct 25, 2021

While the pandemic has been hard on our downtown there are already many signs it will emerge much stronger. This has not just happened. For example, our city council closed the eastbound lane of Santa Cruz between Curtis and Doyle for street dining, created a temporary community plaza in front of Walgreen's and Starbuck's and - along with the Chamber of Commerce - supports new events and activities there.

Together our city government, Chamber, individual business owners, and residents are steadily improving the experience of visiting downtown. I encourage everyone to enjoy it and find ways to make it even better.

• Nine new outside restaurant dining areas have become popular for lunch and dinner.

• A new restaurant will soon open at the former location of Una Mas. Rumor is it will offer Indian cuisine.

• Starting on October 27, a European-style market (Bon Marche) will be held Wednesday nights from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. on the 400 block of Santa Cruz. It will feature vendors who sell a wide variety of specialty foods and fresh produce. This new mid-week market will complement the traditional Sunday Menlo Park Farmer’ Market. (Note: the date on the photo below is incorrect.) Vendors interested in participating in future Bon March markets can call Jerry Lami at (650) -290-3549

• The temporary community plaza in front of Walgreen’s has become a popular place for people to gather and relax. Hillview students visit the plaza regularly after school and on weekends. Passersby and Starbuck’s customers enjoy the outdoor seating. And every Sunday afternoon the Menlo-Atherton Jazz Band performs next to Bistro Vida. And Walgreen's reports that its sales are UP significantly!

• On Saturday, October 30 a Halloween Party with great dance music and refreshments will be held in the temporary community plaza. This is the first of hopefully more special events that will be staged at this central downtown location in the future.

• This month Elevate Art Menlo Park installed its first public art on Santa Cruz Avenue. The Menlo Church graciously provided this premier location for a large contemporary mural. Additional art displays are expected starting in January 2022. More great public art will enliven our downtown.

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