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By Laura Stec

Dog Greets and Treats

Uploaded: Nov 22, 2021

While out walking around the neighborhood this morning, I took the opportunity to ruminate on that ol’ seasonal question,

What am I truly grateful for?

Along the way, a cute little doggie and I crossed paths; she was all young and jumpy and excited. Definitely one of those times I felt the need to ooze the right energy. I approached in a manner taught to me not all that long ago by an old boyfriend and dog owner.

Hand down.

“Don’t go in for the pet immediately,” B. would instruct. “Present the back end of your hand and let the dog sniff and say hi first.” From there, you can try a scritch under the neck, and if reception is good, only then move your hand to the top of their head.

I welcome the opportunity to befriend any dogs, but haven’t known about this technique for all that long. Didn't hear it as a kid or in school - actually not till my 50's (thanks B), and clued in this morning with gratitude to have learned something so basic later in life. Maybe you too have fear of approaching new dogs? If so, I hope this technique might enrich your life as it has mine.

- photo by Wendy H.

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for awhile now, struggling with a lack of inspiration about life and the human race. The song “Joy” by Lucinda Williams summed up my attitude - brought down by COVID and the cultural low-vibe we all seem bathed in lately. I’ve wanted Laura to get her groove back. The return has been slow, but I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to write, and flattered you might come back for the party. My plan is to saddle-up and get a few more Food Parties! out in 2022.

This week, wanted something light, something sweet, to start the party off. If you are wondering what dogs have to do with food, there’s always dots we can connect. Allow me to reintroduce what to expect. The Food Party! is a place we talk about all things food; using the theme to explore food establishments and recipes, sure, but also hot topics, timely issues, and even emotional/spiritual needs and desires. We throw a house party, and you are invited. The subjects we will discuss are vast. By the way, it’s a potluck. Please take a moment to contribute your comments and perspective as well.

In that spirit, this is where we close out with a fabulous recipe for homemade holiday dog treats – the ideal gift for your favorite pooch-a-rooch. But alas, I don’t have one. Thought I did, can’t find it. No worries, a quick search online reveals many to choose from. Better yet, if any readers have one to share, please email it with the link on this page, along with a picture of your doggie and we will post both for everyone to enjoy.

Next on our list, the Food Party! reports on unique places to celebrate holiday fun, in and around San Francisco and the Peninsula, so please come back soon. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May your Food Parties! this week be inspired and delicious.

Peanut Butter Dog Treats by Eat the Gains