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By Laura Stec

Traveling Solo

Uploaded: Mar 27, 2022

Hello Food Partiers! from the Southern California desert. Sorry to miss the discussion last week, (please remember The Food Party! is an insult-free blog) but I’ve been lost in the non-connected world of the Joshua Tree National Park.

- notice the Joshua Tree blooming in this shot - first time since 2019

- when the flowers fully open, native Americans use the blooms like lettuce

We’ve had good weather, not too hot or cold, but the desert is always a harsh environment. 75 degrees seems to feel like 90, as reflection off pink rocks and white sand hit your body at every angle. And as they say around here, the desert is trying to kill you.

Pre and post-Joshua Tree Park found me traveling solo, and inspired to start a new Food Party! sub-series titled…well, the same. Traveling Solo will offer ideas and motivation (recipes and restaurants) for many I know are out there. You want to travel more, but have hesitation to do it alone. Finding a good traveling partner is tough, but we aren’t getting any younger. Seeing the world with folks is wonderful fun, but group travel shields experiences with a familiarity safety bubble. Traveling solo submerges you into worlds anew. We could wait forever wasting adventure, or damn hesitation and stroll solo.

But how? There are tips and tricks. Age gives us a chance to figure things out, and I’ve realized I’m really good traveling solo. I manage to see a lot and learn lots, seek out wild adventures, get good exercise, not get bored, cook delicious and easy to assemble meals, stay safe, and save money to boot.

So next time well start our exploration solo / together, heading to the Salton Sea area of Southern CA, with a side camp trip around Palm Springs.

Courageous Travelers - until then.

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