Issue date: October 28, 1998

Menlo firms show how to reduce trash Menlo firms show how to reduce trash (October 28, 1998)

Five Menlo Park businesses, which range from an accounting firm to a paint-it-yourself ceramics studio, have won state awards for reducing and recycling waste.

California's Waste Reduction Awards Program recognized the following companies for creatively and aggressively pursuing methods to cut down the amount of garbage they generate. They are: Color Me Mine, Menlo Atherton Plumbing, Reitman Physical Therapy, Stone-Quarre Medical Claims Management, and Wellings and Company CPAs.

Color-Me-Mine, on the corner of Santa Cruz Avenue and El Camino Real, is a ceramics studio where patrons can paint their own designs on ready-made pottery such as plates, mugs and busts of Elvis. The business has reduced its waste by 50 percent by reusing packing materials and paper, donating surplus items to schools and charities, and recycling glass, aluminum and cardboard.

Menlo Atherton Plumbing, located in North Fair Oaks, recycles water heaters, scrap metal, copper, cans, plastics and newspaper, as well as buying recycled office supplies and donating excess materials to the Boy Scouts and schools.

Reitman Physical Therapy, on Oak Grove Avenue, has reduced its garbage by 90 percent. The business recycles paper, boxes, cans, glass and plastic. To reduce paper use, staff prints rough drafts on the back of used paper, or uses blank sides for phone messages. Reitman Physical Therapy has reduced its paper purchasing expenses as well as reducing waste.

Stone-Quarre Medical Claims Management, a home-based business in West Menlo Park, goes the extra mile to reuse and recycle paper in a very paper-intensive industry. The company recycles paper, reuses binders and folders, purchases recycled paper and office products, and sends printer cartridges away to be recycled.

Wellings and Company CPAs, located on Menlo Avenue, has achieved an 80 percent reduction in its garbage by recycling paper, cardboard, glass, cans, and toner cartridges.

For information on recycling services for businesses and ways to reduce waste and save on garbage costs, call Menlo Park's Environmental Program at 858-3400.

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