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April 07, 2004

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Publication Date: Wednesday, April 07, 2004

On the Web: City compares home-building rules On the Web: City compares home-building rules (April 07, 2004)

Even though the battle over a proposed new set of home-building rules in Menlo Park has been raging fiercely, many residents still aren't clear on the differences between the plan and current law.

To help clear things up, city planning staff have created a comparative fact sheet, which they posted last week on the city's Web site. The lengthy document systematically shows the ways the new rules -- which have been put on hold by a referendum petition -- could change zoning law, covering such topics as floor area, daylight planes and setbacks.

City council members asked for the document after supporters and opponents of the new rules repeatedly accused each other of spreading misinformation. Because the petition drive was successful, the council must either rescind the rules or have the voters decide whether to do so. The council is expected to make that decision June 8.

To view the fact sheet, go to the city's Web site at and click on the red letters that read "Important Single-Family Residential Information." For more information, call Senior Planner Tracy Cramer at 330-6702.

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