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June 16, 2004

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Publication Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2004

String of motorcycle accidents on Hwy. 84 String of motorcycle accidents on Hwy. 84 (June 16, 2004)

The La Honda Fire Department is warning motorcyclists to ride with care on a popular stretch of Highway 84 that has seen an extraordinary number of accidents over the last few weeks.

Fire Chief Larry Whitney said his department was sent out three times within a week, beginning May 27, to aid victims of accidents occurring at Mile Post 9.85, immediately east of the recently completed roadwork where the hill gave way during the 1998 El Nino storm.

In all the accidents, the motorcycles went off the road over the embankment, Chief Whitney said. The California Highway Patrol is working with Caltrans to determine if new signs warning of the hazardous roadway should be posted, he said.

One of the three incidents involved four motorcycles and five riders. "All of the riders were able to jump from their bikes before the cycles crashed over the side," Chief Whitney said. "Three of the bikes landed one on top of another, forcing the injured riders who had already crashed to run to escape being hit."

Most of the riders' injuries were minor, he said.

Chief Whitney said that this section of the highway was dangerous for motorcyclists even before the storm damage, but the number of accidents his department has responded to recently is unprecedented. "When approaching this area, please do so with caution," he urged.

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