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November 02, 2005

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Publication Date: Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cover story: Little pumpkins on parade Cover story: Little pumpkins on parade (November 02, 2005)

Local kids revel in spooky Halloween pageantry

Note: This story ran with a photo spread in the print edition. Burgess Park was overrun Saturday with plush pandas, velour clown fish, petite princesses, gangly Grim Reapers, wee witches and diminutive Draculas at the annual Menlo Park Halloween parade.

Hillview Middle School's marching band led the procession of costumed kids through the park, across El Camino and along Santa Cruz Avenue to Fremont Park.

Whether pouting or preening, hyped up on candy or zonked out for nap time, little locals had bright sunshine to illuminate their festive finery, one of the benefits of dressing up during daylight hours on a lovely autumn afternoon.

Four-foot football players rubbed shoulder pads with bouncy ballerinas, lion cubs and Junior Jedis, as orange balloons bopped in the air like helium-filled pumpkins.

And did we mention the princesses? Enough to fill a castle ballroom and paralyze Prince Charming with fits of indecision.

The stalking, strutting, dancing, jumping crowd made merry at a kiddie carnival and went trick-or-treating in downtown shops, providing a truly scary vision for the little imps' proud parents -- the horror of trying to get chocolate stains out of spanking new costumes in time for Halloween.

-- Andrea Gemmet, Almanac staff writer

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