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November 02, 2005

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Publication Date: Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Short Takes Short Takes (November 02, 2005)

What's Portola Valley got that Woodside doesn't?

Woodside Town Council members were a bit piqued that Stanford officials didn't approach the town about the proposed hotel/office complex on Sand Hill Road, not far from the town's borders.

"They met with Portola Valley," said Councilwoman Carroll Ann Hodges at the October 25 council meeting. "Can we get the same treatment from Stanford?"

"You mean, ignore us too?" quipped Mayor Paul Goeld.

"They can give us the same patronizing presentation," said Councilman Pete Sinclair, tongue firmly in cheek.
Aussie Atherton can't compare

Atherton City Council members were surprised to learn that the town has a sister city across the globe -- Atherton, Australia. Councilwoman Kathy McKeithen said she found out about the sister city when digging through town archives and has even visited the Down Under town. Apparently, it doesn't measure up to its American counterpart.

"It's a dump," was Ms. McKeithen's assessment.
No laughing matter

Taking the oath of office should be serious business for elected officials, but Woodside council member Carroll Ann Hodges says the standard script always elicits undignified chuckles.

Ms. Hodges has long been of the opinion that no sane person can say he or she is taking a public office "without any mental reservation," one of the phrases in the oath. The promise to defend "against enemies, foreign and domestic" also seems a bit silly at the town council level.

With the town attorney's blessing, Ms. Hodges drafted a new oath of office that was unanimously approved by the council at its October 25 meeting, in time for the swearing-in ceremony in December. Woodside's custom oath includes a pledge to uphold the town's general plan, abide by its code of ethics, and be responsive to its citizens.

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