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February 08, 2006

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Publication Date: Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Woodside: Steve Jobs to appeal historic house ruling Woodside: Steve Jobs to appeal historic house ruling (February 08, 2006)

By Andrea Gemmet

Almanac Staff Writer

Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs and the town of Woodside are going to appeal a judge's ruling that blocks the demolition of the historic Jackling house owned by Mr. Jobs, Woodside Town Attorney Jean Savaree said last week.

In December 2004, Mr. Jobs secured permission from the town to demolish the dilapidated 1925 mansion designed by George Washington Smith.

An ad hoc group of historic preservationists, calling themselves Uphold Our Heritage, filed a lawsuit against the town, claiming that the approval of the demolition violated state law.

In December 2005, San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Marie S. Weiner upheld the group's claim in a scathing 22-page decision, and ruled that Woodside officials violated the portion of the California Environmental Quality Act that deals with historically significant buildings.

Ms. Savaree said that Mr. Jobs and his attorney Howard Ellman will take the lead in pursuing the appeal. The 10-day window for filing an appeal will be activated as soon as the judge's decision is finalized and recorded, she said.

It is still unclear what effect the judge's ruling and appeal will have on the search for someone to relocate and restore the 17,250-square-foot Jackling house.

Woodside officials gave permission for the mansion to be demolished only if attempts to give it away to someone willing to move it from Mr. Jobs' Mountain Home Road property failed. Several interested parties have been working with Mr. Ellman on plans to dismantle and reassemble the house offsite.

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