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February 08, 2006

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Publication Date: Wednesday, February 08, 2006

LETTERS LETTERS (February 08, 2006)

Loss of trust in council after mayoral election


I have read in your editorial last week about the contemptible and dishonorable way in which the election of the new mayor was manipulated by the entrenched majority of the Menlo Park City Council.

Now I read about dire claims of budget shortfalls by this council majority. How can they expect us to cooperate with them for the common good, when we cannot trust them to say the truth?

Alexander Kugushev

San Mateo Drive, Menlo Park

A call for resignation after council flap


If Menlo Park City Council member Mickie Winkler was involved with creating an erroneous document the she should resign.

It is too bad that with all the pressing issues the city has faced, we need to take care of this but I can't think of a more pressing issue than deception and falsifying documents by our city leaders.

I don't have a big voice in protesting being lied to by the current federal administration, but I do have a voice in this. I am sick and tired of public officials manipulating the laws, policies, and procedures to further their own causes.

If Ms. Winkler is unwilling to admit her guilt then the incident should be investigated and if she is found to have committed this crime, then she should be removed from office.

If the city clerk who typed this document knew of this, I don't have one bit of sympathy for that person and he or she should be fired.

Cecelia Daye

Palm Court, Menlo Park

Thanks for standing against Belle Haven program cuts


I would like to thank the Almanac for taking an editorial position in opposition to the proposed city budget cuts as they relate to Belle Haven.

Additionally I want to thank Ms. Kathleen Walkup for her Almanac letter of January 25 for writing in opposition to the same proposed cuts in my community and explaining her reasons.

Ms. Walkup's honesty was most refreshing and I salute her.

Matt Henry

Hollyburne Avenue, Menlo Park

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