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Local photographer illuminates the many faces of immigration
Odette Harris. Neurosurgeon at Stanford University Medical Center. Born in Jamaica.
"I did experience discrimination growing up. ... And I still experience discrimination. ... there are endless stories of racism that I have as a clinician, like being asked to clean the bathroom when wearing a white jacket and a nice dress underneath. None of the external indicators apply when the dominant perception is race. Because for any other person wearing a white coat, the assumption is that they're a doctor, but that doesn't apply to me. ...
Also, if you are a person of color in Silicon Valley, it's incredibly complicated. Sometimes we joke back and forth like, "How many black people have you seen this week?" And the answer is, "You."
We live in communities where we don't make up a whole percent, sometimes. That can be eroding to us, as well as to our children and their experiences in the world. They have very few role models. They can go their entire academic career never having had a teacher of color. Those kinds of influences sociologically have an impact on our kids, and yet that's where we live and that's the culture."

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