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Tony Lucien Rose
Jan. 6, 1920-March 13, 2019
Woodside, CA

Tony Rose died peacefully at home - his wife Carol and children Jessica and Derek at his bedside. He was predeceased by his first born son, Michael J. Rose.

Tony was a dedicated educator for almost 50 years.  Hired to teach 4th grade in  Portola Valley in 1950, he ultimately became principal and the first Superintendent of Portola Valley Schools. The PVS district grew rapidly from a few rustic classrooms occupied by 80 students to a campus with 3 schools and 800 students.

He appreciated people of all ages: students, teachers, staff and parents who in turn valued his quiet, calm strength and dedication to education for all.

He was unique in that he enjoyed listening intently when one had a concern and needed attention whether it be serious or a simple story to tell. He remained that way until his death at age 99.

Tony was kind, compassionate and supportive to everyone, inspiring confidence as he encouraged students to persevere and learn. Math, science, reading and music were important subjects in his progressive view of education. His family were the fortunate recipients of his unique gifts and abundant love.

He left Portola Valley Schools in 1964 after 14 years during a tumultuous time for the district . He was headmaster at Florence Moore School in Burlingame for 3 years. In 1966 he was hired in San Mateo City School District as vice principal at Horrall School.

He stayed with the district as principal at  Horrall , Lakeshore, Abbott, Beresford Park  and Sunnybrae Schools until he retired at age 73 in 1993.

He said he never had a school day he wished would end.

Tony put away his tennis racket  and learned to play golf at age 78. He enjoyed music, especially Frank Sinatra and Ella and loved snickers bars and ice cream.

Simple pleasures were enormously enjoyed. His depression era background would surface at restaurants when he said "I'll just have a bowl of soup", resulting in family fun and teasing.

When his eyesight failed he listened to audio books, both fiction and non-fiction, always thrilled to learn something new about any subject.

Tony had neither need nor desire to give his opinion on topical subjects but he was always interested in the other person's.  When asked, however, he gave wise, well considered opinions.

Remembering Tony as he drove his 1955 black convertible T-Bird to schools in PVS and San Mateo will bring a smile to former students and old timers around the Valley.

He had a wonderful understated sense of humor and an attitude that conveyed "I like you as you are" to people.

He is survived by wife, Carol, Jessica (John), Derek(Anne-Olivia) and their families.

The family invite you to attend a Memorial for Tony Rose on May 25, Saturday 2 - 4 in Portola Valley at Portola Valley Town Center.

In lieu of flowers consider a gift to Rosener House in Menlo Park or a charity of your choice.

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From Celeste Margiotta DiGenova
May 22, 2019
Tony meant so much to me. He was my Dad's best friend from when they played in Tony's band in Canton, Ohio. His smile, loving demeanor I will never forget. He really did well in his later years too, with the help of Carol, his loving wife. I will mis...
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Memorial service
A memorial service will be held Saturday, May 25, at 2 P.M. at Portola Valley Town Center, 765 Portola Road, Portola Valley.

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