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Wendell Duncan Milburn
Nov. 5, 1971-Sept. 19, 2023
Santa Clara, CA

Wendell Duncan Milburn of Santa Clara, CA, passed away on September 19, 2023 after a brief and vicious fight with cancer at the age of 51. His wife, children, family, and friends were with him.

Wendell was born November 5, 1971 in Lynn, MA to Harry Allen Milburn and Susan Ayers (Shumaker) Thompson. He spent his earlier years in and around Kent, OH. When he was 1 ½, he became a big brother the first time, to Sarah. While living in Kent, he attended The New Child Montessori School and Walls Elementary School.

At the age of 7, the family moved across the country to Palo Alto, CA, where he gained a step-father, Geoffrey Thompson. There, Wendell attended Escondido Elementary School on Stanford Campus, Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School, and Palo Alto High School.

At 17, he became a big brother a second time to Evelyn Milburn, Newark, DE.

After high school, Wendell attended The Rhode Island School of Design and Foothill College, Los Altos, CA. He began drawing at 1 ½ years old, and was a lifelong gifted artist. He was fascinated with history, literature, architecture, automobiles, and music. He had an uncanny memory for details that never failed to stun everyone who knew him.

In 1998, Wendell welcomed son Aidan with first wife Jennifer Encinas. In 2001 they welcomed daughter Claire.

Wendell worked for Whole Foods in Palo Alto, Cambell, and Los Altos, where he met his second wife, Pamela. They were married in 2009.

Later in life, Wendell used photography to further his creative endeavors and his love for automobiles. Having discovered a penchant for cars early on, he cultivated his love for all vintage cars. Well-known for his vintage 2002 Tii BMW that he had lovingly restored, Wendell enjoyed driving to BMW rallies and shows. He won first place at the Monterey Autobahn show for his BMW restoration.

Wendell is survived by his wife, Pamela Cabrera-Milburn; children, Aidan Francis Allen Milburn and Claire Elizabeth Marie Milburn; parents, Harry Allen Milburn, Susan Ayers Thompson, and Geoffrey Owen Thompson; and sisters, Sarah Phoebe-Milburn Liebowitz and Evelyn Arko Milburn.

Wendell was taken from us far before his time. We will miss him. The beauty he shared with us will live forever.

Memorial Service will be held on November 5, 2023, 1-5 p.m. at Lucie Stern Center, Palo Alto, CA

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Memorial service
Memorial Service will be held on November 5, 2023, 1-5 p.m. Lucie Stern Center, Palo Alto CA

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