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Michael Zarcone
Dec. 15, 1949-Oct. 19, 2013
Menlo Park, California
From Vincent Scherba
Oct. 29, 2013

Mike was my wife Carol's cousin and well liked by everyone in her large family. We recently were fortunate enough to attend a family reunion graciously given at Mike & Julie's house with daughter Lindsay acting as bartender. We are so glad we attended and were able to visit with Mike so recently. As he was known for Mike was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and his familiar smile which made everyone smile in return. I did not know Mike intimately, but he was a very easy person to like and liked everyone in return as well. Truly a nice man with a nice family and we'll sure miss him at future family reunions. I know his entire family is proud of Mike as I am in being able to know him.

From Janet Davis-Zarcone
Oct. 28, 2013

I am Mike's sister and have been for 52 years. He and I used to banter back and forth all the time- it was so much fun! Mike showed up one time at a friends to take to the prom and the father looked at him and said, "Where are your shoes?" Mike replied, "In the car." Well, then go get them and the father shut the door. Mike came back and knocked on the door and the father opened it and looked down saw he had his shoes on then proceeded to let him inside. He always would walk around my parent's house without shoes on just his socks. On several occasions he had left the house and came back claiming he forgot his shoes. LOL! Mike was always known for being late for appointments. You had to tell him you wanted him to arrive at 5pm when you really meant 6pm because always needed that extra hour of personal time to do what he had to do. He made me laugh and made everyone he knew laugh! Why we all LOVE Mikie: Mike was someone who loved us from the heart, No matter how much we might have argued with him, we could not be drawn apart. He was a joy that should not have been taken away, Once he entered your life, Mike was here to stay Mike was a friend who helped through difficult times, His comforting words worth much more than this his Holy socks in church Mike was Julie's partner who filled their lives with 34 years of love and laughter He will be remembered the most for his quick witted jokes and banter Whenever he was challenged with a difficult agruement he would try to reason his way through it digging himself knee deep in- Doo Doo, but instead dark chocolate fudge He knew Julie wouldn't hold a grudge He always kept the relatives coming back for the yearly family reunions Especially when his mission was to cook in Julie's kitchen You would find him mixing Margauritas and making his delicious drumettes When he would pass by a quest he would ask Can I get you another? Sure Thanks You bet! Whenever his friends or family were experiencing a difficult situation He would listen, smile and offer a solution Having had Mike in our lives was not just by circumstance, but a God given priviledge We can acknowledge That Mike was living life to the fullest He was just killing time Until the Good Lord said, "Come on my son, it's time" Please whenever you remember Mike keep his spirit alive with everyday smiles and laughter because we don't want to lose it for ever after.

From Cheryle Pybrum
Oct. 26, 2013

My daughter, Christy, who worked for Mike told me so many wonderful things about him. How his passion was all about the children and his employees. I was so saddened by his passing and just want the family to know how incredibly sorry my husband and I feel for your loss. Mike truly had a heart of gold. Larry and Cheryle Pybrum

From Pam Austin
Oct. 26, 2013

I was so sorry to hear about Mike yesterday, I worked for Mike at Saratoga Sub Acute hospital from 1999 to 2003. The whole time I worked at Saratoga Hospital Mike was such an easy going friendly caring person to work with. I never experienced Mike in a mood other then pleasant even when I would have to call him in the middle of the night for medicine or supplies we were out of. Unfortunately in Dec 2003 I had issues with my medical board and had to take time off, I was devastated and Mike did the unthinkable for a boss he sent me a check to help with my family until I could get back on my feet.I and my family was so grateful. I will never forget his generosity, Mike will forever be in my heart as the best Boss ever. May you rest in peace Mike. Sincerely Pam Austin

From Will Cogswell
Oct. 24, 2013

Some things never change, as I also remember Mike with a Margarita in hand back in our UOP days in Stockton. We were fraternity brothers at Phi Kappa Tau. Quite frankly Mike was about the nicest guy I new at UOP. He had a laid back personality, always calm and a face that was always smiling. He was a great handyman, so was always playing central roles in building floats, sets for "Band Frolic," setting up for "Fireman's Fling" or working on the fire engine. I loved reading about his accomplishments since school and it doesn't surprise me that he put others at the forefront of his work. All of his old "brothers" join together to wish Julie and family well!

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