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Viewpoint - October 30, 2013

Letter: Elderly drivers need more testing

Ten months ago, I wrote a letter following a tragic accident on Highway 280 involving an elderly driver (83 years old) that claimed the lives of three people.

Last week brought a fresh tragedy as a 90-year-old driver ran his SUV into the Walgreens in Menlo Park, pinning twin six-year-old boys in front of the car. At last report, one of the boys was said to be in stable condition after suffering massive internal injuries.

These incidents are a result of the very lax rules governing the licensing of elderly drivers. Unless you have been dealing with an elderly family member on the question of when they should stop driving you probably are unaware that so long as the driver has a clean record the DMV only requires that a driver pass the written exam and an eye test. No driving test is required.

I believe it is time to rethink our driving laws. Let's test drivers more thoroughly and more frequently. Lets encourage family members to approach their loved ones with an open and honest discussion when it is time for them to quit driving.

I would also like to encourage our state representatives to look into making some necessary changes.

Mark Gilles, Sharon Park Drive, Menlo Park


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