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Viewpoint - February 5, 2014

Letter: Does Little League need such big bleachers?

Having coached Little League at Encinal School with non-permanent metal bleachers designed for 150 spectators that worked quite well, I am shocked that possible action will take place to install covered concrete bleachers at Holbrook-Palmer Park in Atherton.

Think back to a few years ago when the leaders of Little League were grateful for being granted the right to put up a portable backstop. After a few years, Little League didn't have to take the backstop down at the end of the season. Some Little League supporters with resources don't appreciate what an ideal setting they have.

Will they please answer the following questions?:

• Why do bleachers have to be covered? All players are required to have hats. Anyone going to a baseball game on a sunny day will bring a hat. If it rains the game is not played.

• Except for opening day, when did the current groups playing at Holbrook-Palmer Park ever have 200 spectators? If two teams of 20 each had both parents at the game, that would be 80 or so spectators and not everyone wants to sit in the bleachers.

• How long is the Little League season at the present time, on what days of the week, and at what times? Will the activities of the Little League clash with other uses of the park like preschool, weddings, other sports activities, and meetings of various other groups resulting in parking problems?

The council members should rethink their decisions on the Little League requests.

Earl T. Nielsen, Burns Avenue, Atherton


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