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Viewpoint - January 19, 2011

Letter: Resident files protest of new garbage rates

This letter was addressed to the West Bay Sanitary District.

Today I received notice of the proposed 2011 solid waste rates. A quick analysis made it clear that the monthly charge for a 20-gallon can will increase 35.6 percent. I believe that the new company that has contracted with Peninsula cities and unincorporated San Mateo County has blindsided residents.

1. A rate increase of 35.6 percent is unacceptable.

2. Weekly recyclable pickups are excessive. Biweekly is adequate.

3. Pilfering of valuable aluminum cans and plastic bottles has not been addressed and the individuals responsible have not been prosecuted.

This letter represents by written protest to the proposed 2011 rates.

Nicholas P. Jones and Oouisie Jones, Camino a Los Cerros, Menlo Park


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