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Viewpoint - February 2, 2011

Letter: Park tree project a waste of taxpayers' money

That the Menlo Park City Council thinks it is a good idea to apply for a grant to plant 1,000 trees at Bedwell Bayfront Park, in spite of the overwhelming evidence by experts and negative public input, is evidence that the concept of "pork" doesn't stop in Washington. This grant would use public money to plant trees that aren't needed, aren't wanted and won't significantly sequester carbon emissions.

Those funds should go to a truly worthy carbon offset project but this is not one of them. Bedwell Bayfront Park could use some benches and planned planting of native plants that belong at shoreline. The park does not need 1,000 trees that could break the delicate cap over the landfill and could seriously imperil the plants, birds and animals of the park and wildlife refuge that thrive in an almost treeless environment.

This grant is a waste of taxpayers' money. The city should invest in those benches instead.

Elizabeth Lasensky, San Carlos


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