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Viewpoint - February 23, 2011

Letter: Redwood City baylands are a treasure to preserve

I am supportive of Redwood City residents who value the bay shore wetlands that Save the Bay and other environmental groups are trying to rescue from development by Cargill/DMB in the Saltworks project.

Residents and city officials who favor development may not be aware that these wetlands are a treasure for Redwood City citizens as well as many species of birds which rely on them for nesting and feeding.

Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Mountain View have gorgeous protected wetlands that are visited by their residents for pleasure, nature observation, education, exercise, picnics, contemplation, and so on. I have heard many people exclaim how lucky they feel to live in Palo Alto, where a short bike ride or walk and car get them to an area of sublime beauty and relative quiet, where nature thrives, and vistas of distant hills, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are watched in awe.

Large groups of people visit the bay shore of cities south of Redwood City for various reasons. I walk and bike our baylands several times a week. In addition to the hikers, bikers, runners and strolling families, I often encounter science classes from pre-school to college age examining the biosystems, a group of 50 or more senior citizens walking a mile or more, and walkers, canes in hand, enjoying and sharing the natural beauty and friendship.

If Redwood City's salt ponds were restored, in fact, it would be a reason for residents of neighboring cities to come enjoy its baylands and all the great things Redwood City has to offer.

Should development occur, folks in Redwood City eventually will regret not having fought to save this area for posterity.

Contact your city council and ask for restoration.

Barbara Millin, Palo Alto


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