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Viewpoint - February 23, 2011

Letter: Saltworks development bad for schools, roads, downtown

I was very disappointed to hear that the Saltworks development project isn't being opposed by the Redwood City Council. (Saltworks is a proposal by Minnesota company Cargill for a new city of 30,000 people built on the bay near Woodside Road.) There are so many reasons not to build this thing, it's hard to choose.

For one, it will only amplify our current infrastructure issues. For example, Saltworks proposes locations for four new elementary schools and a middle school, but no high school. With our existing high schools already reaching capacity, this project could lead to overcrowding, in addition to the costs of building and supporting at least five new schools.

There will only be two to three roads going in and out of the development, one of which would be a new overpass directly over the heads of current Redwood City residents.

Saltworks could also stymie the development of downtown Redwood City, where we've already spent $50 million. Let's create better housing downtown, so that Redwood City can really thrive. More sprawl is not the answer.

Emily J. Schnipper, Redwood City