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Viewpoint - March 2, 2011

Letter: Cargill development will boost, not reduce, traffic


Cargill's spinmeisters are at it again. Recent advertisements claim developing the salt ponds will reduce traffic and air pollution because fewer workers will need to commute into Redwood City.

More people residing in Redwood City does not equate to less traffic. As in any community, some will work close by, others will not. Some will use public transportation, most will drive.

A Redwood City study indicated the salt ponds community could generate as many as 87,000 new daily car trips, up to 8,000 in peak commute hours. (Fehr & Peers, January 2010).

The former chair of the San Mateo County Transportation Authority warns this development will result in a "traffic nightmare" at rush hour (Almanac, April 2010).

We already have traffic overload on the Peninsula. Adding 30,000 more residents east of the Bayshore Freeway will only worsen it.

Ramona Ambrozic

Redwood City


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