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Viewpoint - April 13, 2011

Letter: See what you'll find in a search of Cargill

When someone knocks on your door, you have to have an idea of who they are before you let them in.

Redwood City has swept the door open to Cargill and their partners DMB. They've escorted them enthusiastically past the community threshold amid dazzling promises of affordable housing, flood control, levees, and reducing carbon emissions for the benefit of the world.

Wow! It's Robin Hood! With glistening teeth. But wait ... is that you Robin? Or a wolf wrapped in your cape?

Cargill is routinely listed as one of the "worst-of-the-worst" unethical corporations by respected environmental and human rights groups. Judge for yourself: Search Google for "criticisms of Cargill" and read about trafficking children in Africa, forced labor in Uzbekistan, mercury poisoning, beef recall, deforestation, and the Gulf of Mexico dead zone from toxic chemicals.

Are these are the guys we trust to build levees?

What leaves me with a particularly sick feeling in the pit of my stomach is how Cargill's public relations machine savages local nonprofit Save the Bay, issuing false press releases, and taunting them publicly for being "outsiders." Huh? This from Minnesota-based Cargill with a history of hit and runs around the world? Save the Bay members live here and will not leave after the checks exchange hands.

Julie Abraham, Redwood City


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