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Viewpoint - April 27, 2011

Letter: Endorsement for Terry Nagel

Terry Nagel is the only candidate running for San Mateo County supervisor who is providing concrete ideas on how to realistically address the county budget deficit. For that reason, she has my support.

Terry understands that employee compensation is by far the biggest line item in the county budget. She knows that if we do not address this issue, we will have to cut vital services.

Terry recognized five years ago that we needed to address escalating employee compensation because, even then, it was overtaking our ability to pay. As chair of the San Mateo County Council of Cities, Terry brought together union leaders and council members to discuss solutions. With her leadership, a compensation task force was created, which has issued 50 recommendations that cities are using today to reign in costs.

In Burlingame, where Terry is mayor, they have negotiated significant savings in the area of employee compensation and, as a result, have remained financially sound.

Terry does not favor balancing the budget with tax increases or by spending down our reserve funds. She recommends a common sense approach to save money and protect vital services.

Terry Nagel would be the best addition to the Board of Supervisors. I encourage voters to cast their ballot for Terry Nagel.

Matt Grocott, Council Member, city of San Carlos