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Community - April 27, 2011

Short Takes

Coming to a library near you: petting zoo

You wouldn't think libraries and petting zoos belong together. But in Menlo Park, they do, even if the "animals" aren't warm and fuzzy. The public library plans to let staff cuddle up with e-book readers, according to director Susan Holmer.

They'll get to try out the Nook, Color Nook, Kindle, Kindle DX and iPad for three weeks, which were bought by a state grant that circulates the electronic pets from library to library.

Ms. Holmer said that since the library subscribes to e-books, staff needs to be able to show patrons how to download the items.

Next guess, please

An Atherton resident who recently happened upon San Mateo County's protocol on dealing with domestic violence had a good laugh before passing a key piece of information along to the Almanac.

The resident recalled a pertinent conclusion by outside investigator Pete Peterson, who reviewed resident Jon Buckheit's complaint that an Atherton cop had illegally altered the police report detailing Mr. Buckheit's arrest after a domestic violence incident.

Although the Peterson report wasn't made public, Mr. Buckheit was given a copy, and told the Almanac that Mr. Peterson claimed in his report that the judge who granted Mr. Buckheit a declaration of factual innocence in the case "is unfamiliar with how the county's domestic violence protocol works."

The resident who found the protocol noted that San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Mark Forcum, the judge in question, was a co-author of the protocol.


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