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Viewpoint - May 4, 2011

Letter: Right move to forget Willows traffic-calming

Menlo Park's transportation commission made the right decision to reject the deeply flawed traffic calming that some wanted to foist onto the Willows.

Given that 80 percent of the respondents to a city survey had "no concerns" about Willows traffic, the commission followed the wishes of the residents of the neighborhood, myself included.

The April 20 Almanac story that reported this decision noted that "the survey had only a 27 percent response rate." However, a 27 percent expression of opinion by Willows residents is a much greater percentage of people than the hard core of traffic calming activists who dominate the endless charettes, roundtables, and other exercises. I would suggest that the results of the survey are more reflective of the opinions of the people of the Willows than any number of traffic-planning get-togethers.

Now, Menlo Park, after 20 years, can stop wasting money on a Willows "traffic plan" and just leave the neighborhood streets alone — just like we want it.

Brian Schar, Laurel Avenue, Menlo Park