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Viewpoint - June 1, 2011

Letter: Council asked to stop Willows traffic study

I am appealing to the citizens of Menlo Park to urge the City Council to stop the current Willows area-wide traffic study initiative from moving forward to the next costly step.

This proposal will be on the City Council's agenda June 7. For the third time, the city has spent excessive amounts of tax-payer's money to appease a small, vocal minority of Willows residents who want the study, while a majority of residents are not in favor of the traffic mitigation proposals.

Already this time, over $100,000 has been spent on consulting fees to derive a flawed set of proposals for traffic mitigation within the Willows neighborhood, in addition to countless hours of staff time and neighborhood meetings.

In April, the Menlo Park Traffic Commission voted not to advance the proposal. Please ask the City Council to do the same. We can't afford to continue to spend money and staff time on an initiative that is so flawed and largely unwelcome in the neighborhood.

Julie Forbes, Menlo Park


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