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Community - June 29, 2011

Veterans get a boost at Canada College

Veterans returning from active duty in Afghanistan or other theaters can be confused by the maze of government programs designed to help them create a new life back home.

At a special center on its campus in Woodside known as "V-ROC," short for Veterans Resource and Opportunity Center, Canada College has created a two-room space where veterans can find out about housing allowances, how to sign up for up to 36 months of college tuition, and numerous other benefits.

The Rotary Club of Menlo Park is helping the college raise money to support V-ROC, and also has arranged for Amici's restaurant in Menlo Park and Safeway stores to supply lunch on alternating Tuesdays for veterans who drop in.

"The center is designed to be an oasis for the veterans, where they can hang out, have a snack, talk with other veterans, do homework, or watch TV," said Menlo Park resident Mary Helen Armstrong, a Rotary Club member who works on the project.

The Rotary Club's goal is to help Canada College raise funding for the center and eventually support other combat veteran mentors who can help their peers learn the life skills necessary when returning to civilian life, Ms. Armstrong said.