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Viewpoint - August 3, 2011

Letter: Keeping Atherton's trash bins in their place

I am delighted that the Atherton Town Council has passed an ordinance regarding trash bins.

I cannot tell you how many times I have lodged a complaint against neighbors who roll their bins out four days before collection and leave them out a day or two afterward.

Yes, it's a shame that it came to this, but when repeated polite requests are ignored, the town needs to do more than just send out a "pretty please" letter. We are not talking about households that will be away from home on the collection day and need to put the bins out a few days early and/or retrieve them a few days late; we are talking about the habitual offenders who seem to think that the curbside is a good place to store their bins.

It is an eyesore and the problem is exacerbated because most households have at least three, if not more, bins lined up along the road.

Linda Ericson, Patricia Drive, Atherton


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