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Viewpoint - August 17, 2011

Letter: The Belle Haven redistricting insult

The redrawing of the congressional district boundaries represents another step in the process that moves Belle Haven farther from Menlo Park and many locals are overjoyed. They have the Citizens Redistricting Commission to thank and it's all legal.

As a resident of Belle Haven the continuous message is: You are not wanted. The disparity in the quality of service and education in Belle Haven compared to the rest of Menlo Park is disgraceful, but it has come to be accepted as normal.

The strategy is to make some positive changes on a limited basis and to do it very slowly. This long-time tactic is insulting and this redistricting just adds insult to injury, but it's all legal.

Those of you that still believe in "separate but equal," rejoice! The Bayshore Freeway has saved you again. Your Tree City will remain relatively pure because diversity doesn't work in Menlo Park, but to be fair, it also hasn't worked in many cities, most notably Detroit, Watts and now London.

Everyone pretends to be shocked and surprised when long time suppressed rage is unleashed, when in fact we all know why these things happen.

There are still those in Belle Haven that believe in the system in spite of everything, but be assured there are those that do not share that belief. A mind-set that glorifies every man for himself can be quite contagious and dangerous both nationally and locally.

Matt Henry, Belle Haven Neighborhood Association


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