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Viewpoint - September 21, 2011

Letter: Clever maneuvers to 'sell' Atherton a library

If I were a builder/developer specializing in libraries, wouldn't I be angling to include in my portfolio a state of the art facility in a beautiful park setting? In today's down economy? In Atherton? You bet.

As it happens, as a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers, I am familiar with the critical process of listening carefully to the wishes and needs of clients. If the "client" is the dedicated Atherton Library Building Steering Committee, perhaps that is happening.

If the "client" is the taxpaying community, I submit that clever maneuvers are being employed to circumvent the general consensus of this community by imposing a formulaic over-the-top facility at Holbook-Palmer Park, the "preferred" site (stated in print).

Concurrently, the national, state and local economies are severely stressed, the public school in our town, Selby Lane, has a library desperate for books, reference materials and a librarian, the high-speed railroad is lurking, and information technology is changing with lightening speed. If we pause, truly listen and reflect, we have an opportunity as well as an obligation to build a facility which will serve our community well while preserving Holbrook Palmer Park for recreation as stipulated in Olive Holbrook Palmer's will.

Stuart Awbrey

Rittenhouse Avenue, Atherton


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